The Board of Directors: 

Annie Chin, President (Community Representative, Former Parent)

Addie Bjornsen ,Vice President (Former Parent)

Larry Loo, Treasurer (Former Parent)

Myrto Koimtzoglou, Secretary (Community Representative)


  • Marianne Lam (Director) - Marianne is the Director of True Sunshine Preschool.  Before her time at True Sunshine she was the Site Supervisor and then the Director of Wah Mei School in the Sunset district, and before that she was a Lead Teacher at Bright Horizons.  She has also taught ESL to adults both in Vietnam and in San Francisco.  She has an MA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College and an MA in English with an Emphasis on Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages from San Francisco State University.  In her free time she enjoys exploring new places with her husband and two sons, enjoying the delicious foods that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer, scrapbooking, and exercising (September, 2014).
  • Susanna Loo (Program Assistant) - Susanna is the Program Assistant at True Sunshine.  Before working at True Sunshine she worked in the education field for an organization that raised funds for small private colleges.  She has also worked at other non-profit organizations such as Asian Inc. and Magic Theatre.  When she is able to take some time off she enjoys travelling (June, 2014).

  •  Peony Chan (Parent Liaison) - Peony is the Parent Liasion at True Sunshine.  Before working at True Sunshine she worked for a variety of other companies including East Media Entertainment Incorporated where she worked in both sales and accounting.  This company was a US distributor of Hong Kong ATV programs.  She has also worked as a volunteer helping a CPA with income taxes.  She has also taken classes on Quickbooks at City College of San Francisco.  Her hobbies include taking care of flowers and travelling.  Every Chinese New Year she enjoys decorating her home with beautiful flowers (June, 2015). 

The Butterfly Group

  • Wendy Wu - Teacher Wendy started working at True Sunshine in 2007 as a part-time Assistant Teacher in the Younger Group.  She then graduated from San Francisco State University with her BA in Child and Adolescent Development with an emphasis on young children and families, and is now the Master Teacher for the school.   She has always worked in the Early Childhood field, even while she was in high school.  In addition to her classroom experience she has spent time tutoring and working in afterschool programs.  In her free time she likes to do things with her nieces and nephews, go window shopping, watch the Hallmark Channel, watch Chinese dramas and soaps, read magazines, and play games on Facebook (February, 2007).
  • Mei Yi Hu - Teacher Mei Yi graduated from San Francisco State University with both a BA and an MA degree in Chinese.  After graduating with her MA, she began her Child Development studies at City College of San Francisco. She received her Associate Teacher's permit and began to substitute in different preschools throughout San Francisco. She has worked at Chinese American International School and Huada San Francisco Academy as a Chinese teacher for three years each.  She also volunteered at Jose Ortega Elementary School in their Chinese immersion program.  While in college, she had worked with college students at SF State's flagship Chinese program and as a Math tutor with Kumon Math and Reading program.  She enjoys traveling, taking photography, watching drama, and trying different cuisines. (January, 2016).

  • Qi Ming Yuan - Teacher Ming has a Site Supervisor permit and is currently pursuing an AA degree at City College of San Francisco.  She has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for 4 years.  She is the proud parent of one child.  She enjoys working with children because they help her to keep a young heart, and because she can learn some of the most important things in life from them including sharing, loving, caring, and being respectful.  Outside of work Ming enjoys travelling, cooking, reading, and shopping (June, 2014).
  • Ami LiTeacher Amy started volunteering and then working as a substitute teacher at True Sunshine Preschool in December 2015.  She received her Assistant Teacher permit in December 2016.  She is open and loving and has a good affinity with the children.  She feels joy when she sees the innocence in the children’s smiles.  She is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, loves singing Chinese songs, folding origami, cooking, and going shopping (March 2017). 

  The Dragonfly Group

  • Julie Lu - Teacher Julie has been at True Sunshine for almost 10 years.  She has a Site Supervisor permit and an Associate’s degree.  She loves to help children develop their unique skills.  In the classroom she enjoys singing songs with the children and doing art activities with them.  In her free time she likes to eat, shop, and travel with her family whenever possible (June, 2007).
  • Anna Wu - Teacher Anna has been at True Sunshine since May 2015.  She is a designated English teacher.  Before working at True Sunshine she was working with Infants and Toddlers at Bright Horizons Family Solutions where she had been for the last 6 years.  She graduated with a BA in Child and Adolescent Development from San Francisco State University in 2008.  She has also tutored 5th graders in an afternoon program at Chinatown Salvation Army Corporation where she was a counselor for 8 years.  She finds it rewarding to work with young children.  Anna is bilingual in English and Cantonese.  Her hobbies include surfing the internet, going window shopping, and watching Chinese soap operas (May, 2015).
  • Bao Wen Deng Teacher Bao Wen immigrated to the United States in 2004 and has been studying both English and Child Development at City College of San Francisco where she has also earned an Associate Teaching Permit.  She began working as a volunteer at True Sunshine Preschool in 2007 before becoming a regular staff member that same year.  She likes working at True Sunshine and learning from the other teachers.  She shows enthusiasm, love, and patience when working with the children.  She believes it is especially important to keep the children safe, while also cultivating their interests in learning.  She feels very happy when the children grow and then progress onto Kindergarten.  Her hobbies include watching the news online each night, listening to Chinese folk songs, and she feels very happy when singing with the children (July, 2007).
  • Languages spoken by the staff: English, Cantonese and Mandarin